Thought Shrapnel Vol.1: Personal Productivity

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Comprising articles on personal productivity written between 2018 and 2019, this is the first ebook in a new series from .

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  • ​The importance of downtime
  • Deliberate rest, cognitive momentum, and differentiated work hours
  • Bullet Journal like a Pro
  • Different sorts of time
  • Listening to video game soundtracks can improve your productivity
  • Should you lower your expectations?
  • Arbitrary deadlines are the enemy of creativity
  • Do the tools you use matter?
  • The '1, 2, 3' approach to organising your working day
  • Ryan Holiday's 13 daily life-changing habits
  • How to be super-productive
  • The virtue of rest
  • Work-life balance is actually a circle, according to Jeff Bezos
  • Keeping track of articles you want to read
  • So you think you're organised?
  • Burnout-prevention rules
  • Why desk jobs are exhausting
  • Unpopular opinions on personal productivity
  • Forging better habits
  • The Goldilocks Rule

PDF format, 49 pages.

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Thought Shrapnel Vol.1: Personal Productivity

0 ratings
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